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Cebu Tour Package for: Whale Shark Watching and encounter, Aguinid Falls, Canyoning and Kawasan Falls
고래상어관람, 아귀니드 폭포 수영, 가와산 캐녀닝

Whale Watching and Whale Shark encounter, Canyoneering at Kanalaob River, Aguinid Falls and Kawasan Falls

Whale Shark Watching and Encouter in Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu
Adventure and Swimming at Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu
Canyoning Adventure at Kanla-ob River in Alegria and Badian, Cebu
Swimming and Bamboo rafting at Kawasan Falls


1 pax @ Php9,900 / head
2 pax @ Php6,200 / head
3 pax @ Php4,950 / head
4 pax @ Php4,350 / head
5 pax @ Php3,850 / head
6 pax @ Php3,700 / head
7 pax @ Php3,600 / head
8 pax @ Php3,400 / head
9 pax @ Php3,200 / head
10 pax @ Php3,100 / head
11 pax @ Php3,000 / head
12 pax @ Php2,900 / head
13 pax @ Php2,850 / head
14 pax @ Php2,800 / head

NOTE: Add-on fee of Php500.00 / head for all foreigners who will join whale shark watching and encounter in Oslob.


Recommended Itinerary:

03:45AM - Pickup from Hotel within Lapu-Lapu/Cebu City or Airport
05:45AM - Arrival at Tan-awan, Oslob (Whale watching Venue)
    - Registration
    - Briefing
    - Boat Ride pickup
    - Start of Whale Watching and Snorkeling (30 minutes duration only)
    - Boat ride Drop Off at Coast line

07:30AM - Breakfast at the Restaurants in the area (not inclusive of the package)
08:15AM - Departure for Samboan
09:15AM - Arrival at Samboan
    - Registration
    - Briefing and Orientation
    - Start of adventure at Aguinid Falls
11:15AM - End of Adventure then proceed to Badian
11:45AM - Arrival at Badian then light lunch
12:30PM - Motorbike pickup then drop off to Canyoning starting point
    - Gear Preparations
    - Registration
    - Briefing
    - Start of Canyoneering
03:30PM - End of Canyoneering then swimming at Kawasan Falls
04:30PM - Departure from Kawasan Falls (motorbike pickup)
04:45PM - Departure from Badian to Cebu City
07:45PM - Arrival at the City (Depending on Traffic)

Package Inclusions:

  • Fully Air-conditioned Transportation
  • Whale Watching and Snorkeling Entrance Fees
  • Boat Ride, Life Jacket and Snorkels for whale watching
  • Aguinid Falls Entrance Fee, Guide Fee
  • Canyoning Guide Fee, Entrance Fee and Gears, motorbike ride fare
  • Kawasan Falls Entrance/Exit Fees, Motorbike ride fare

Package Exclusions:

  • Underwater Camera
  • All Meals (Breakfast, snacks, Lunch, Dinner) except recovery meal after canyoneering adventure
  • Hotel / Resort Accommodations